See What’s New for 2017 Benefits

There are only a few changes to your 2017 benefits. Here’s a quick look at what’s changing—and what isn’t—and what you should do as a result.

What’s Not Changing for 2017

This year, the main story is not what’s changing, but what’s not changing: There are no premium increases for 2017! In terms of your medical premiums, that’s because we’re using our medical plans wisely and being good health care consumers. And our high participation in the Health Management program has helped keep our overall health risks stable. That’s great news for our health and our wallets.

So keep it up! Take the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) and complete the other steps of the Health Management program before Dec. 31. You’ll earn up to $450 off your 2017 medical premiums and continue to help keep our health care costs manageable overall.

What’s Changing for 2017

The following changes will take effect on Jan. 1.

  • LTD rates are decreasing, and you can add coverage without proof of good health. Consider adding Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage or switching options for 2017. Not only are rates decreasing, but the customary evidence of insurability requirements are also being waived during this year’s Annual Enrollment. Use Prudential’s interactive tool to estimate your disability insurance needs, and then review the 2017 LTD rates on EmployeeConnect.
  • Employee Supplemental Life Insurance rates are decreasing. Consider adding or increasing Supplemental Life Insurance during Annual Enrollment. Go to EmployeeConnect to review the 2017 rates and use the Life Insurance Estimator. While you’re on EmployeeConnect, make sure your beneficiary information is up to date, too.
  • UHC Virtual Visits coming in January! If you’re enrolled in a Rockwell Automation medical option, you’ll be able to see board-certified physicians by video 24/7 for help with routine health issues like sore throats, ear infections or conjunctivitis. Watch for details toward the end of the year.

Read your 2017 Annual Enrollment Guide to learn more. Then use this Annual Enrollment period to look at all the benefits available to you—health benefits, life insurance, disability coverage and retirement—and consider how to balance them all to work for you. To make changes, visit EmployeeConnect between Oct. 29 through Nov. 20.