Complete the HRQ or Pay $100 More for Medical

The Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) is essential to understanding your overall health and how your decisions now can affect you in the future. Rockwell Automation feels so strongly about the importance of the HRQ that employees who take it will avoid paying an additional $100 on their 2017 medical premiums.

There are two ways to complete the HRQ:

  • On EmployeeConnect during Annual Enrollment (Oct. 29 – Nov. 20). You can access the StayWell website via single sign-on to complete the HRQ in less than 10 minutes as part of the Annual Enrollment process on EmployeeConnect.
  • On StayWell’s website (Oct. 29 – Dec. 31). Log on to to complete the HRQ before the end of the year.

Still Time to Earn Up to $450 off Your 2017 Medical Premiums

Taking the HRQ also means you can earn incentives under the Health Management program—up to $450 off your 2017 medical premiums. If you haven’t completed the other two steps, there’s still time. You can get your screening at your doctor’s office at any time before Dec. 31 (just bring the form) or call StayWell (1.800.721.2696) to order a home test kit. And you can start or finish a Take Action activity if you act fast.

Your HRQ Is Private

The HRQ is 100% confidential. Your results are covered by HIPAA, the same law that keeps your health information private at your doctor’s office. Rockwell Automation only receives a report on our collective health risks. We use this data to design programs and select resources that will support the needs of our employees and reduce our overall health risks.