Kickstart your health and earn rewards!

Get your new year off to a healthy start with the Rockwell Automation Health Management Program. You’ll find a variety of activities to support your physical, mental and financial health. And you’ll earn incentives for participating—up to $500 off your 2022 medical premiums—as extra motivation.

Want in? Here’s how to get started.

  1. Create a WebMD account now.

    WebMD is replacing StayWell as the administrator for the Health Management Program. You’ll track your progress on the WebMD portal at So you need to create a WebMD account before you get started. Have your Employee ID handy. Once your account is set, click MY INCENTIVES for the next steps.

  2. Complete the HRQ by Dec. 31, 2021.

    When you log in to the WebMD portal, you’ll see the HRQ in the Recommended For You Click the graphic to begin. You must complete this short health survey to earn any incentives and avoid a $100 medical premium penalty. You can complete the HRQ at any time by Dec. 31. But completing it early will help you choose Take Action activities that will give you the biggest health benefit.

  3. Complete Take Action activities and/or a Health Screening by Dec. 31, 2021.

    You have several ways to earn your incentives. Complete a variety of Take Action activities for $100 each or combine Take Action activities with a Health Screening, where you can earn up to $200.

That’s it! Complete these steps by Dec. 31 to maintain your best health and get a discount off your 2022 medical premiums (if you enroll in a Rockwell Automation medical option).

Start today or learn more on the new WebMD portal at

2021 Health Management Program Activities

All of the 2020 activities will be offered for 2021. Choose any combination to earn up to $500 off your 2022 medical premiums.

Health Screening—Up to $200

The Health Screening measures four healthy targets—blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, and Body Mass Index (BMI). Complete the screening with your primary care provider and earn $50 for each health target you meet. You can download the form for your provider at

Take Action activities—$100 each

Choose among a variety of Take Action activities for better financial, mental and physical health:

  • Financial health: Edelman Financial Engines Online Advice or Professional Management
  • Mental health: Mindfulness and Stress Management course, AWARE
  • Health coaching: Phone coaching
  • Physical fitness: 10K-A-Day, Rockwell Automation Walking Challenge
  • Weight management: Real Appeal, WW, Jenny Craig