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If you meet eligibility requirements and retire before age 65 (before you’re Medicare-eligible), Rockwell Automation offers you pre-65 medical coverage. Then, when you turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare, you’ll have access to Via Benefits, a service that helps you choose an individual supplemental Medicare plan.

Your Retirement Medical Coverage Choices

Pre-65 Coverage Choices

For retirees and/or dependents who are under age 65 and not eligible for Medicare

You have the same medical plan choices as those available to active employees; these choices include prescription drug coverage. However, HSA option participants will not receive a Company contribution. You can choose to continue the same Rockwell Automation medical coverage you have today after you retire or you can choose a different plan.

Participation in a pre-65 medical plan will end when you or your dependent becomes eligible for Medicare (usually this happens at age 65). At that time, you or your dependent will be offered the opportunity to enroll in the post-65 medical choice.

Post-65 (Medicare-Eligible) Choice

For retirees and/or dependents who are age 65 or older, or otherwise eligible for Medicare, such as due to a disability

Via Benefits will assist Medicare-eligible retirees and their Medicare-eligible dependents with selecting individual medical and prescription drug coverage from the Medicare market.

NOTE: If you choose coverage outside of Via Benefits, you will not receive financial support from Rockwell Automation.

One-Time Opportunity for Company Contributions

If you retire before you or your spouse turns age 65:

If your most recent hire or rehire date is Dec. 31, 2004 or earlier, you must enroll in Rockwell Automation pre-65 retiree medical coverage at the time you retire in order to receive the Company subsidy. If you defer or drop coverage at any time, you can re-enroll in a medical plan, but the cost will not be subsidized by the Company.

Other Possible Medical Coverage Options When You Retire

  • Medicare if you’re age 65 or older
  • Via Benefits: All Medicare-eligible individuals have access to Via Benefits, a Willis Towers Watson service that will assist you in choosing from hundreds of supplemental and Medicare Advantage plans to find the best fit for you, taking into consideration your health status, prescription needs, vision and dental coverage needs, financial situation, etc. You may be eligible for transitional financial support for each year through 2019 if you elect a policy through Via Benefits.
  • COBRA* medical coverage (You should not enroll in COBRA medical coverage if you choose to enroll in a retiree medical plan.)
  • Individual coverage you buy on your own, either from an agent or through your state’s health care marketplace
  • Coverage through your spouse’s/domestic partner’s employer

* For more information about COBRA coverage, download the Termination Benefits Summary.

More Information About Individual Coverage

For more information about buying individual retiree medical coverage, visit or, or search for “individual medical coverage.”

To find a link to your state’s marketplace, go to

Retirement Summary Plan Descriptions

The following Summary Plan Descriptions have details about what happens to your coverage when your employment with Rockwell Automation ends and are available on Your BenefitsTM or by calling the RASC:

  • Rockwell Automation Pension Plan
  • Rockwell Automation Savings Plan (the 401(k) Plan)
  • Delta Dental
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • STD and LTD