Results for Prescription Drugs


You automatically get prescription drug coverage when you enroll in a medical option. You don’t have to do anything extra to enroll in prescription drug coverage. But, prescription drug coverage works differently depending on the medical option you choose.

Prescription drug coverage depends on your medical plan

Rockwell Automation offers prescription drug coverage to all employees enrolled in a medical option. But, your coverage depends on the medical option you’re in.

If you’re in the HSA option, your prescription drug costs are a part of your medical deductible.

If you’re in the HRA option, you don’t have to meet your medical deductible before you start enjoying prescription drug benefits.

Save Money with Generics

Generic drugs may look a little different than the brand name prescriptions, but they are just as effective, and they consist of identical ingredients in the same formulation. Plus, every ingredient that goes into a generic drug must be approved by the FDA.

If your pharmacy fills a brand name medication for any reason and a generic is available, you will pay the difference between the brand name and the generic, plus the brand coinsurance.

Save money and go generic the next time you’re at the pharmacy.

Mail Order Your Prescriptions

Save money and time with the CVS Caremark mail order program! All you do is order your prescriptions online, and they will be delivered directly to you. Plus, sign up for automatic refills so you don’t get behind on your prescriptions.

Compound Drugs

Compound drug prescriptions that cost more than $300 require prior authorization.