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Dissolving a Domestic Partnership

Dissolving your domestic partner relationship means that your domestic partner is no longer eligible for Rockwell Automation benefits, and this is a qualified status change allowing you to change your benefit elections. Your election change must be consistent with the change in status—in this case dropping a domestic partner. You must provide notification within 31 days of the event to request a change, and you may be asked to provide documentation of the event to make the change effective. You can provide notification through Your Benefits™ or by calling the RASC. The RASC will then mail COBRA information to your domestic partner on their COBRA options. Once the union is dissolved, your former domestic partner and domestic partner’s children are no longer eligible for coverage, other than COBRA coverage.

If your coverage change results in a pricing difference from the amount you’re currently contributing, changes to your employee contributions will be effective on the first payroll following the processing of the change. However, your coverage change will be effective as of the date of the qualified change in status.

In this case, you also are encouraged to update your beneficiary elections for life insurance, 401(k) and any other plans that allow beneficiary designations.