Paid Time Off

At Rockwell Automation, we recognize your need to take time away from work. That’s why we offer a variety of paid time off  benefits, such as Company Holidays, Paid Time Off (PTO), Parental and Caregiver Leave, Short-Term Disability (STD), Volunteer Paid Time Off and more.

Your eligibility for these benefits depends on how many hours a week you work and your years of services at Rockwell Automation. Click on the highlighted links below for details. Always talk with your manager before scheduling your time away from work.

Company Holidays

You’re eligible for a maximum of 14 designated holidays per calendar year. If you’re a part-time employee, your holiday pay will be prorated. Visit Epoch for complete policies and procedures.

Paid Vacation Days 

Your number of paid vacation days depends on how long you’ve worked for the Company (prior service with a Rockwell Automation affiliate or service with Rockwell Automation in another country may count).

Parental Leave

Rockwell Automation provides up to six weeks of paid parental leave for employees who become new parents through birth or adoption while working for the Company. This policy provides you with information concerning parental leave entitlements and obligations you may have during such leaves. If you have any questions concerning parental leave, you should review the Frequently Asked Questions or contact your supervisor. Visit Epoch for complete policies and procedures.

Caregiver Leave

You can take Caregiver leave if you’re approved for leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and have worked for Rockwell Automation for at least a year (with 1,250 hours) and haven’t used your 12 weeks for another reason. You can take up to two weeks paid caregiver leave when you care for eligible family members such as your spouse, child or parents. If you have or adopt a child, you can use caregiver leave for additional bonding time after your parental leave is exhausted. Visit Epoch for complete policies and procedures.

Short-Term Disability

If you should become disabled and unable to work, Short-Term Disability (STD) pays you a portion of your paycheck for up to 26 weeks. Maternity leave is covered under STD. First, you receive 100% of your monthly benefits pay for 16 weeks. Then, you receive 70% of your monthly benefits pay for the remaining 10 weeks.

Volunteer Paid Time Off

Take up to 24 hours of paid time off annually to volunteer with the approved NGO of your choice through the ROK in Action program. ROK in Action is the Rockwell Automation global volunteer program with an online portal to find and sign up for local volunteer opportunities, make monetary contributions and build a volunteer-focused employee community. It is available in 22 languages and includes more than two million vetted non-governmental organizations (NGOs) globally.

Other Paid Leaves

Rockwell Automation offers paid time off for bereavement, jury duty, and military service. Visit Epoch for complete policies and procedures.These paid days off are in addition to flexible work schedules for salaried employees.