Why Our Health Management Program Matters

Why does Rockwell Automation place so much emphasis on the Health Management program? Because your health is important. And the health decisions you make now affect your ability to stay healthy and prevent disease down the road. The Health Management program helps by showing where you can improve, offering programs and activities that promote health, and encouraging you to stay on track.

We also continue to offer the program because … it’s working. StayWell aggregate data tells us that individuals who participated in the program are healthier today than they were three years ago. (StayWell provides group, not individual, results. Your personal information is private.) This year, we want to see that trend continue, and we hope even more of you will participate—if not for yourself or those that matter most to you, then for the opportunity to earn up to $450 off your 2015 medical premiums.

What’s New for 2014

Our employee population is most at risk for chronic conditions like obesity and heart disease. We can reduce those risks if we all eat better, exercise and get recommended screenings. As a result, our 2014 Health Management program has been changed to inspire all of us to eat more vegetables, move more, get a health screening and focus on long-term health. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) will be required in 2014. The HRQ is essential to understanding your overall health and how your actions can affect your health later. Complete it later this year to be eligible to earn incentives for the health screening and Take Action activity(ies). If you don’t complete the HRQ, you’ll pay an additional $100 on your 2015 medical premiums.
  • We’re offering new Take Action activities—two challenges and an “Easy Start” Calls & Mailings program—in addition to our current Phone Coaching program. You can complete up to two activities to earn up to $200 ($100 each) off your 2015 medical premiums. And you have more time to complete them, because you can start now.
  • The health screening is not changing. The health screening will still measure five healthy targets—blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, cardiorespiratory fitness and body mass index (BMI)—that can help identify risks before it’s too late. You’ll still earn $50 for every healthy target you meet, for up to $250 off your 2015 medical premiums. We’ll have onsite screenings later this year at multiple locations. You can also submit the Health Care Provider Form anytime throughout the year.

To learn more about the Health Management program or download the Health Care Provider Form, visit ra.staywell.com.

Published: January 8, 2014