When to Visit Your Benefits Resources

Your Benefits Resources, available through EmployeeConnect, is your go-to source for benefits details and transactions. Go to EmployeeConnect > Your Benefits Resources whenever you want to:

  • Find health plan provider phone numbers and websites under “contact us.”
  • Find Summary Plan Descriptions. Refer to these documents for details about all your benefits, such as what is covered under the plans and how to submit claims.
  • Review personalized benefits information. From the menu bar, see “Health and Insurance > Current Coverage” for your current health plans, including your coverage and cost. Access and manage your Flexible Spending Accounts, if enrolled, and submit claims from the “Spending Account” link on the home page.
  • Make changes to your benefits. Enroll, make benefit changes, or add or remove dependents, either during Annual Enrollment or after a qualified status change, by visiting “Life Events” on the menu bar.
  • Update your life insurance beneficiaries. Visit “Your Profile” and then “Beneficiaries” to review or update beneficiaries.
  • Use interactive modeling tools. Check out helpful tools such as the Pension Benefits Estimator (if you’re eligible).
  • Access StayWell’s website in one click. Once you sign in to Your Benefits Resources, you can click StayWell’s single sign-on link from the home page to access the website without signing in again.

You can access EmployeeConnect through RAIN using your SAP login information. Or you can visit http://employeeconnect.rockwellautomation.com.

If you can’t find what you need on Your Benefits Resources or the Rockwell Automation Quick Find, call the Rockwell Automation Service Center for assistance (1.877.687.7272). Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time.

Published: March 13, 2014