Time is running out

As the holiday season approaches, it’s easy to forget those important end-of-year benefits deadlines. Use this checklist to get them done now and then relax into the new year.

Your end-of-year benefits checklist:

  • Enroll by Nov. 14. You only have a few days left to enroll for 2022 benefits. This is your last chance without a qualified status change to makes changes for next year. Enroll on Your Benefits™.
    • If you don’t enroll, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the same plans you have today, except any Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs). You must re-elect FSAs each year. If you continue participation in the HSA option, your Health Savings Account (HSA) contribution will default to your 2021 election. Your HSA election can be made or changed anytime throughout the year.
  • Save money on 2022 premiums. There’s still time to save up to $500 on your 2022 medical premiums—and avoid a $100 penalty—with the Health Management Program. Take the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) and complete Take Action activities and/or a Health Screening by Dec. 31. Your physical, financial and emotional health will thank you for it.
  • Use or lose those FSA dollars. If you are enrolled in a 2021 Health Care FSA or Dependent Care FSA, you forfeit any unused funds over $550 if you don’t use them by Dec. 31. Enroll for 2022 and contribute at least $100 to keep your 2021 rollover. Eligible expenses include deductibles, immunizations, contact lenses, adult and child and care centers. Remember to save all your receipts in case you need to show that an expense is eligible for tax return purposes.

Keep in mind …

  • 2022 benefits enrollment closes on Nov. 14. If you don’t enroll, you’ll be automatically enrolled in the same plans you have today except any FSAs. Your HSA contributions roll over from year to year.
  • The COVID-19 vaccine counts as a Take Action activity if you complete it before Dec. 31. It will not be an eligible incentive for the 2022 Health Management Program launching on Jan. 1.