September 2022

  • Connect through communication. Attain the skills to have open and effective communication at work and at home. Watch Open Communication: Powerful Ways to Create It, the latest on-demand webinar from our EAP (Employee Assistance Program). The webinar is available on September 20, 2022 (company code to log in: automation).
  • Get in-home child, adult, and elder back-up care. Let Bright Horizons® help you care for family members when your primary care services aren’t available. In-home back-up care provides professional, comforting, and individualized care in the comfort of familiar surroundings.
  • Access EAP counseling through Talkspace. Your free EAP benefit now includes the use of Talkspace to connect with a counselor virtually or through asynchronous messaging sessions. Visit Talkspace to register (company code to log in: Rockwell Automation). Talkspace is for U.S. employees and dependents only.