Need Medical Care? You Have Options!

Virtual Visits

When you travel for work, sometimes you can’t avoid getting sick. If this happens to you, there’s a new option for medical care without even leaving your hotel room—Virtual Visits. All you need is your laptop, smart phone or tablet. A board-certified doctor will talk to you about your symptoms and treatment options. They can even write a prescription. A Virtual Visit isn’t intended for travel overseas. You should continue to use International SOS when you need medical care while traveling outside the U.S.

A Virtual Visit takes 10–15 minutes and costs just $50—less than a visit to your primary care doctor or an urgent care clinic ($190). Plus, that $50 is subject to your coinsurance and deductible.

While a Virtual Visit is a great option for travelers, you can reach out if you don’t want to leave work or if you’re home at any time day or night. If your child has a fever at 2 a.m. and you’re not sure what to do, you can call a Virtual Visit doctor for support. Think of it as a modern-day house call. Avoid spending hours in a waiting room with other sick people and get the care you need right at home.

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When Should I See a Tier 1 Primary Care Doctor?

A Virtual Visit is a great option when you travel or don’t want to leave home—but it’s not your only one for care. Remember, your primary care doctor still plays an important role in your good health. Building a relationship with a doctor can help you track your health over time with annual visits. Their care is especially important if you manage a chronic condition like cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

When selecting a primary care doctor, consider using a Tier 1 doctor. Tier 1 providers follow quality standards based on evidence-based medicine to ensure you receive greater quality of care and cost efficiency. UHC assesses quality first, and then cost. As an added incentive, the plan pays 85% instead of 80% after the deductible for Tier 1 providers.

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