March 2015 News Bites

  • Sign up for our spring retirement webinars! It’s not too late to sign up for the next webinar in our 2015 retirement webinar series—Preparing Your Savings for Retirement—which will be held on Wednesday, March 25, at 11 a.m. Central time. (Log in to the Fidelity website to register.) You can also sign up for the next three webinars: Helping You Retire with Confidence (April 29), General Investing and the Online Advice Service (May 27) and Three Secrets to Retirement Income Success (June 24). Each one will be presented by Financial Engines and held at noon, Central time. Registrations may be limited, so sign up early!
  • The deadline to submit your 2014 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) claims is March 31, 2015. Submit your claims by uploading them online via EmployeeConnect > Your Benefits Resources. Any money in your account after this deadline will be forfeited with one exception: If you participated in a 2014 Health Care FSA last year, you can let up to $500 carry over into 2015.
  • A recent study of the diets of nearly 4.5 billion adults in 187 countries reveals that the U.S. diet is among the lowest-quality diets in the world due to the high consumption of unhealthy foods. But it doesn’t have to be that way. StayWell’s website offers great resources and tips for eating healthier, including how to do so on a budget, how to shop and meal plan, and how to get your children to eat healthier at any age. To explore what StayWell has to offer, log on to and look under Learn > Nutrition. Remember: Our Time Out For Health challenge also provides great motivation for adding more veggies to your diet!
  • Although your income taxes are based on how much you make, you can affect your tax bill by following a handful of investing, saving and estate planning tips. Check out Fidelity’s Take on Taxes to learn more.
  • Download the updated mobile app for Hyatt Legal Plans! It is now easier than ever to view plan coverage, get case numbers, find Hyatt plan attorneys, call them directly from the app and pull up directions to their offices. The free app also includes new features such as videos, informative articles, a Legal Needs test and optional enrollment email reminders. Plan members and prospective plan members can download the app from Google Play or the iTunes store.