July 2014 News Bites

  • Do you have a health screening success story? Did you learn something about your health after a health screening? Did you take steps to improve your health based on your results? Let us know! We’d love to share your story in a future article.
  • Earn up to $450 off your 2015 medical premiums in three steps. Step 1: Complete two Take Action activities to earn $200 ($100 each). Step 2: Complete a health screening onsite, at your doctor’s office or at home to earn up to $250 for meeting healthy targets. Step 3: Complete the Health Risk Questionnaire (required to earn any incentives). You can complete the first two steps at any time this year; the HRQ will be available in the fall. To learn more and get started, visit ra.staywell.com.
  • You don’t have to make a million to save a million. If you have a 401(k) or other workplace retirement savings plan, you may be able to save $1 million. How? Check out the five habits of 401(k) millionaires. For the latest news, special reports and insights, check out other Viewpoints articles on Fidelity.com on the News & Insights page.
  • If you’ll be age 50 or older by Dec. 31, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) allows you to save up to an additional $5,500 in catch-up contributions in the Retirement Savings Plan this year—even if your 50th birthday isn’t until Dec. 31. To make catch-up contributions, visit Fidelity’s website at www.401k.com or call the Rockwell Automation Service Center at Fidelity at 1.877.ROK.401K (1.877.765.4015).
  • Looking for information about the Pension Plan lump sum distribution option and whether it’s available to you? There are several resources to help you:
  1. Search the Rockwell Automation Quick Find using the key words “Lump Sum Payment Option in Pension” for general information.
  2. Read the Pension Plan Summary Plan Description (SPD) available on Your Benefits Resources. Search for “How Benefits Are Paid—Pension Payment Options” to learn how the lump sum and other payment options are calculated.
  3. Log on to Your Benefits Resources and use the online tools to estimate your benefit based on various dates and assumptions and view the amounts from each form of payment.
  4. Call the Rockwell Automation Service Center at 1.877.687.7272 (8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central time) and say “Pension” when prompted. You’ll be directed to the team of Retirement Specialists who can answer your questions.