International SOS Keeps You Safe & Healthy Abroad

If you’re traveling or living abroad for work, consider International SOS your lifeline whenever you need medical, safety or travel assistance.

International SOS offers 24/7 access to security and medical travel advice, online resources and security alerts—at no charge to employees. It’s a valuable benefit you can use before you travel, while you’re away or in an emergency.

  • Before you travel: Visit the website or download the mobile app (membership number: 1CMA1003) to sign up for travel alerts and get information about the country you’re visiting, including required travel documents, current health and security risks, recommended vaccinations, cultural tips, weather and more. If the country you’re visiting requires proof of health coverage for your visa, contact International SOS (800.523.6586) for a personalized letter.
  • While you’re abroad: Contact International SOS for advice from a medical or security expert, referrals to local health services, help with lost passports or medication, legal assistance, security questions or concerns and more. ISOS will also arrange payment for medical providers who won’t accept your insurance. For phone numbers by country, refer to the app or your membership card available on RAIN (
  • In an emergency: Call International SOS, Rockwell Automation Global Security (414.350.8001) and your home country’s embassy or consulate. They can help arrange medical transportation or evacuation if your health or safety is at risk.

For more information, see the brochure available on the International SOS website.