How Randall Gray Took Control of His Health (and Dropped 65 Pounds!)

Randall Gray, Architecture and Software Engineer, feels great with his improved health and increased energy. He’s proud of the way he looks and the changes he’s made, and he wants to support and help others do the same.

He was struggling with type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. His father passed away from type 2 diabetes, so when his doctor told him he had to start taking care of himself or he would have to take daily insulin shots, he knew it was time to start taking his health seriously and working to get healthier.

He realized the longer he waited to make a change, the harder it would be. So with dedication and help from Rockwell Automation’s health management resources, he was on his way to looking better, feeling better and having more energy.

Since starting his journey to better health seven months ago, he’s lost 65 pounds, his blood pressure is normal and his blood sugar level is well below the type 2 diabetes mark. His energy has increased, and he’s able to participate in and do things he couldn’t seven month ago. He’s also saving money with his healthier lifestyle — he went from taking nine medications a day to only two.

How He Did It

Randall exercises at least one hour six days a week, and he meets with a fitness coach once a week. “I like how the fitness coach and my doctor work together to monitor and ensure I am progressing and doing it safely. I know they care about me and that motivates me to do my best. I really enjoy working with them.” For extra motivation and to keep exercising fun, the fitness coach gives him new exercises each week.

He says he walks during his lunch hour and exercises right after work. “Instead of sitting in traffic on the drive home, I am exercising and going home after the rush is over.” He also completes the Take Action activities, 10K-A-Day and Get Fit on Route 66. You could say these Take Action activities encourage him to keep moving and get his steps in.

With his no-excuse approach, he says, “It does not take any extra time to eat right.” He went from drinking six cans of soda a day to eliminating caffeine, sweets, breads and pasta. Now he focuses on eating mostly proteins and vegetables.

His Advice

Randall encourages anyone who is looking to make healthy living a part of everyday life to, “Get moving before you wake up someday and are not able to move. Start small. Do what you can do. Do not push too hard and hurt yourself. It is not a race. It is not a temporary thing. It is a life change. The more you exercise, the more you will want to exercise. The more you exercise, the more you will want to eat what is good for you.”

If you work in Milwaukee, Mequon or Cleveland, use the onsite services available to you to kickstart your health! You can take advantage of training sessions with onsite fitness coordinators and use the onsite fitness center. If your workplace doesn’t have a fitness center, you can still use coaching services through StayWell to fine-tune your health and fitness program.