How Cheryl Moss Lost 30 Pounds (and You Can, Too!)

Senior Marketing Communication Representative Cheryl Moss (Milwaukee) has become a smaller version of herself. And we couldn’t help but notice! So we decided to ask her how she did it and what tips she might have for anyone wanting to shed a few pounds.

How She Did It

“I started with the strength and cardio classes offered onsite at noon,” says Cheryl, adding that she was never really a fan of working out before taking the classes. “At first, I couldn’t do an hour-long, all-cardio class. The mix of cardio and strength really helped me feel like I could do it.” Eventually she branched out to yoga and other classes. “I loved it. It’s easier to show up when it’s enjoyable.”

“I also changed my diet. I reduced carbs and took out processed foods. Now I try to stick to whole grains, protein, fruit and veggies,” she adds.

To monitor her progress, Cheryl participates in our Health Management program. She uses the Step It Up and Time Out For Health challenges to track her fitness activity and vegetable intake. “These can help you stay on track with your fitness and healthy eating,” she notes.

Sporting the Glow of Better Health

Cheryl’s efforts paid off in big ways. She lost 30 pounds, which made a noticeable difference. “It’s been pretty dramatic if you haven’t seen me in a while,” she admits. “A lot of people ask what I do and I try to give them my formula.”

Even more important, her new lifestyle has made a big difference in her health overall. “I have Type 1 diabetes and MS. Exercise helps with my blood sugar and stress levels,” she says. “I did the health screening last year and saw my BMI, cholesterol and glucose numbers change for the better from the previous year.”

“Plus, I feel like I have more energy,” she adds. “I don’t get tired in the afternoon if I eat veggies and protein instead of a big bowl of pasta.”

Kicking It Up a Notch

Along the way, Cheryl began to really enjoy working out. She joined a gym for more variety and fell in love with the martial arts-based cardio class her gym offers. And she’s found great ways to stay in shape on the road. “Now when I go on vacation, I’ll work out in the fitness center or walk the grounds. That’s something I’ve never done before,” she adds. “I even have a list of workouts you can easily do in your living room or your hotel room to get a full body workout in 20 minutes with little to no equipment.”

“The most difficult challenge is keeping it consistent, working out every day and thinking of it as ‘I want to work out,’” she says. But she stays motivated by remembering, “It’s easier to work out than to feel guilty about not working out.”

Now that fitness and healthy eating are a regular part of Cheryl’s routine, she’s eyeing her next big challenge. “I’ve been toying with the idea of completing the Dirty Girl or Tough Mudder, which supports the Wounded Warrior Project®, a project that holds a place in my heart because my dad is a veteran.” Given Cheryl’s determination and results so far, we have every confidence she can do it.

Be the Next Weight-Loss Success Story!

Whether you have 5 pounds to lose or 50 pounds, you can’t go wrong with Cheryl’s winning formula: physical activity plus healthy eating. She also recommends not using your busy schedule as an excuse. “If you can’t find 30 minutes to workout, then you have a problem of too many things,” she says. “On your lunch break you can do a class or take a walk. You have to prioritize.”

To get started, take advantage of these handy resources:

  • StayWell offers a variety of articles, tips and activities—like the Step It Up Challenge and health coaching—that can help you lose weight.
  • Our Employee Assistance Program (company code: automation) features articles about how to lose weight, make time for exercise and find the right support group for you. And, of course, counselors are available to talk with you by phone.
  • Your medical plan administrator might offer special discounts or programs related to weight loss. For example, Aetna offers discounts on certain gym memberships and weight management programs.

Let us know how you do! Tell us what worked for you, what tips you have for others and what benefits you are noticing. We’d love to share your story!