Get the 411 on Annual Enrollment

You’re probably hearing a lot about your benefits and Annual Enrollment. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Annual Enrollment is Oct. 26 – Nov. 17.
    Enroll by Nov. 17 if you want to make changes to your benefits, add or remove dependents, participate in a Flexible Spending Account in 2014 or start your 2014 Health Savings Account (HSA) contributions in January. (You can start or stop your HSA contributions any time.)
  2. Some contributions will change in 2014.
    Due to rising health care costs and new costs associated with health care reform, medical and dental contributions will increase starting January 1. However, the premium for Long-Term Disability coverage will decrease.

    Benefit Premium Change
    HSA Option 6.2% increase1
    HRA Option 8% increase
    Dental Increase based on coverage choice (see enrollment guide for rates)
    Long-Term Disability 14% decrease

    1 Your actual rate increase may vary based on your salary band.

    There are no changes to the cost of Supplemental Life Insurance or Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) for you or your dependents.

    Remember, you can reduce your medical contribution by up to $500 in 2014 by participating in the Health Management Program. For details, visit

  3. There’s a special Supplemental Life Insurance enrollment opportunity.
    During enrollment, you can elect Supplemental Life Insurance coverage for you and your spouse—up to the maximum benefit amount—by answering five statement of health questions online.

Published: October 2013