Get Ready for Annual Enrollment

If you’re like most people, your focus during Annual Enrollment is on your health benefits—medical, dental and vision. But does that mean you hurry past some other important benefits when you make your elections for the new year? To avoid that, get a head start by learning about these valuable benefits so you’ll be ready to make informed decisions when Annual Enrollment starts on Oct. 29. Once your enrollment materials arrive, be sure to review your 2017 Benefits Guide to note any changes and see the 2017 premiums.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

How long would you be able to pay bills if you were unable to work due to an extended illness or injury? For many people, the answer is three months or less. That’s concerning, since the average disability lasts three years*, and your chances of missing work due to a disability are higher than you think.

What to do now:  Use Prudential’s interactive tool to estimate your disability insurance needs. Then review your Long-Term Disability coverage options. If you don’t have the savings you would need to financially support yourself if you couldn’t work for at least seven months, you should consider buying LTD to guarantee 60% of your monthly benefits pay (up to the maximum amount).

Supplemental Life Insurance

Talking about death and the financial consequences isn’t easy for everyone. But it’s important. And although Rockwell Automation offers Basic Life Insurance, that might not be enough—and it doesn’t cover your family.

What to do now: Use MetLife’s Life Insurance Calculator to determine how much life insurance coverage you might need. Then review your Supplemental Life Insurance options.

Work-Life Benefits

Hyatt Legal Plans

There are so many reasons you might need an attorney—not just for courtroom appearances and legal disputes. Hyatt Legal Plans can help you with wills, living wills, trusts, power of attorney, adoptions, real estate transactions and legal document review—for less than you’d pay a typical attorney.

What to do now: Take the legal needs test. Then visit this website (access code: 3210010) to assess your legal needs, see the coverage and find attorneys.

Auto and Home Insurance

Although you can enroll in the MetLife Auto & Home Program at any time—not just during Annual Enrollment—now might be a good time to review your insurance options. MetLife offers discounted Rockwell Automation group rates for personal insurance needs like home, renter, fire, auto, boat and excess liability.

What to do now: Use the MetLife Choice program at to compare the coverage and rates from multiple carriers. Call MetLife at 1.800.438.6388 for details, to get a quote or to enroll anytime.