Five Ways to Reduce Stress

Life is full of unexpected surprises—some taking your time or causing you headaches. That’s why we offer a variety of resources to support you and your family’s well-being and help you tackle life’s stressors head-on.

  1. Get Child Care, Elder Care, Pet Care and Educational Support.
    Access a network of qualified, vetted child care centers and in-home care options for children, adults, elderly loved ones and even pets! You also have access to tailored parenting resources and educational webinars.
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  2. Meditate and Manage Your Sleep.
    Receive a free membership to Calm—a meditation and sleep mobile app that provides guided meditation sessions, sleep aids and relaxation techniques. Use your work email on a web or mobile browser to register (not in the mobile app itself).
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  3. Find Your Peace of Mind.
    Get free confidential counseling for most personal, financial, mental health, work-related and well-being questions and challenges you may be facing through the Carelon Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (previously Beacon Health Options). Use code: automation.
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  4. Get Healthy—and Get Rewarded for It.
    Participate in the OnTrack well-being program and choose from a variety of activities and programs to help you establish and maintain healthy habits and save on your 2025 medical plan contributions.
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  5. Take the Hassle out of Health Care.
    Get help to save time, stress and money with Amino. If you’re enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare medical plan, Amino can help you find an in-network doctor, schedule appointments and more.
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