February 2016 News Bites

  • Find your balance with the EAP. A good work/life balance is key to your overall health and happiness. If you’re struggling to juggle it all, let Workplace Options help. Explore the resources at achievesolutionsglobal.net (company code: automation) or call 1.855.897.4044 for confidential assistance 24/7.
  • Be a confident investor. If you’re actively managing your investment strategy, sign up for our next retirement webinar, Confident Investing in Any Market (Wednesday, Feb. 24, 11 a.m. Central time). This intermediate workshop will help you evaluate your investment portfolio, build a tax-smart investing strategy, determine what factors impact performance and learn diversification and rebalancing techniques. Registration is limited to 300 people, so sign up now! (You have to log in to the Fidelity website to register.)
  • Join Fidelity in celebrating America Saves Week (Feb. 22 – 27, 2016) and see how a 1% increase in 401(k) Plan savings can be a powerful way to impact your financial future. Why not take the opportunity to expand your financial knowledge, gain some new insights or just brush up on the basics? Log on to fidelity.com to register.
  • If you are enrolled in family coverage under the Rockwell Automation HRA or HSA medical option, effective Jan. 1, 2016, the Affordable Care Act limits the most any individual can pay out of pocket for in-network medical care in one year to $6,850. That means the HRA option will pay 100% after one individual meets $6,500 out of pocket (medical and Rx) instead of the 2015 limit of $8,000. The HSA option will pay 100% of a family member’s expenses once his or her out-of-pocket payments reach $6,850 instead of the 2015 limit of $7,500—even if the family out-of-pocket maximum has not been met. (See details.) Contact UnitedHealthcare’s Advocate4Me at 1.844.234.7924 if you have questions about this or other plan provisions.
  • Check your Health Reimbursement Account (HRA) balance. If you have the HRA option with UnitedHealthcare (UHC), your prescription copays and medical deductible and coinsurance are automatically paid from your HRA funds. You can go to myuhc.com anytime to see your remaining balance. Remember, if you had unused HRA funds with Aetna or Humana, those funds will transfer to UHC in early April.