Expert Financial Advice, at No Extra Cost

Want some advice that won’t cost you another penny? Try the valuable tools, resources, advice and information available to you from Financial Engines, an independent investment advice and management service provider of retirement planning services for Rockwell Automation employees.

Financial Engines is all about helping you enhance your financial wellness at every step of your life and career. Their goal is to help you make informed decisions that could mean money for your future. That’s why they provide your personalized Retirement Evaluation each year (you should have received your blue envelope in the last few weeks) and offer so many valuable extras.

  • Optimize your Social Security benefits. Find out how you could get more income from Social Security in retirement. This interactive planner, which earned four out of five stars from the Wall Street Journal, could help you find thousands of dollars in unexpected benefits. Check it out and be sure to explore the other tools and resources in Financial Engine’s Social Security Education Center.
  • Sign up for tips and evaluations. Stay on track with your goals for retirement income with quick tips and quarterly evaluations throughout the year. To receive them, all you need to do is update your profile to include your preferred email address.
  • Get Online Advice. Get professional, personalized investment advice on your saving and investment strategy. This easy‐to‐use, interactive, online service can help you determine how much to save and how to invest to increase your likelihood of reaching—or even surpassing—your retirement income goals. To access Online Advice, log in to and click on the Financial Engines link.
  • Explore free tools and resources. Visit the Financial Wellness and Education Center for articles, interactive tools and videos on popular topics, including money and family, the art of saving, retirement planning, investing, credit and debt, and more. Browse anytime. There’s no need to log in.

Want More? Try Professional Management for Three Months

Let the experts create and implement a retirement planning strategy for you. For a limited time, you can use Professional Management for three months to see if it is right for you. Enroll, and if you’re not satisfied, just tell Financial Engines by Oct. 21, 2016. You won’t incur program fees, and they’ll cancel your membership. You’ll only pay the monthly fee if you choose to continue (fees will be applied retroactively from your date of enrollment). For details, see the information mailed to your home.

Rockwell Automation hired Financial Engines Advisors L.L.C (FEA) to provide investment advisory services to plan participants. FEA is a federally registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Financial Engines, Inc. Neither Rockwell Automation nor FEA guarantee future results. Financial Engines® is a registered trademark of Financial Engines, Inc. All other marks are the exclusive property of their respective owners. ©2016 Financial Engines, Inc. All rights reserved.