Earn Rewards. Take Action. Live Healthy.

Commit to a healthier you with the Rockwell Automation Health Management Program. You’ll earn financial incentives—up to $500 off your 2023 medical premiums—by completing Take Action activities for your total health and well-being.

Ready to get started? Here’s how:

  1. Log in at WebMD. Choose My Incentives to begin. If you’re new to the Health Management Program, have your Rockwell Automation Employee ID handy to create an account.
  2. Take the Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ). Select the HRQ graphic in the Recommended For You section on webmdhealth.com/ra. Answer all four sections of the short survey and then select Get My Score for personalized results.
  3. Complete Take Action activities and/or a Health Screening. Choose from a variety of Take Action activities for $100 each, or combine them with a Health Screening, for up to $500 in savings on 2023 medical premiums.

That’s it! Complete these steps by Dec. 31 for better health and savings. To participate, you must be enrolled a medical option through Rockwell Automation.

Keep in mind …

  • You must complete the HRQ to earn incentives and avoid paying a $100 penalty on your 2023 medical premiums.
  • Rockwell Automation cannot see your HRQ answers or Health Screening results. Your answers and results are confidential.
  • As of Jan. 1, 2022, the Covid-19 vaccine no longer counts as a Take Action activity.