Challenge Yourself for Better Health

Need help staying active and eating healthier? We have the perfect motivator for you: a Take Action challenge! Our Take Action challenges are designed to help you move more and eat more vegetables.

You have two options:

  • Step It Up (goal: walk the equivalent of 700,000 steps)
  • Time Out For Health (goal: eat 300 vegetable servings)

Here’s the cool part: You don’t have to spend hours at the gym or start a diet to be successful. In fact, for the Step It Up challenge, any activity—like gardening, mowing the lawn, swimming or basketball—counts toward your goal and can be easily converted to steps online. To meet these challenges, you simply need to push yourself to increase your activity and/or get in extra veggies each day. Then track what you do online at

How It Helps

People who write down what they eat tend to lose more weight. That’s because tracking your diet raises your awareness of how much you’re eating and inspires you to improve. The same thing can happen when you track your physical activity and vegetable servings. Before you know it, you’ll be hooked on Zumba and broccoli.

If you’re competitive by nature, you’ll also enjoy setting mini-goals to top yourself each day. If you achieve 5,000 steps one day, you can challenge yourself to hit 5,500 the next day, and so on. Eventually, the extra activity and healthy eating can become a habit.

Accept the Challenge!

Meet your challenge goal by the end of the year to earn a Take Action incentive. You’ll earn a $100 credit for completing one challenge, or a $200 credit for completing two challenges (or a challenge plus another Take Action activity)*. More important, being more active and eating more veggies will help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce your health risks and improve your health overall.

Ready to get started? Log in to and click either the Step It Up Challenge or Time Out For Health Challenge in the To Do list.

*You must complete the Health Risk Questionnaire this fall to be eligible for any incentive.