All Health Care Is Not the Same. Choose Wisely and Save.

Your health is important. So when you or a family member need care, you want the best possible outcome. That’s why we offer a health plan that has identified doctors who provide high-quality, cost-efficient care—with consistently better results. Here are two ways you can get the quality care you deserve while saving money at the same time.

1. Choose Tier 1 Physicians

These physicians have been evaluated and recognized for quality of care and cost efficiency. This can mean lower costs and fewer complications. For example, compared to other orthopedic surgeons, Tier 1 orthopedic surgeons achieved the following when performing knee replacement procedures1:

  • 37% fewer repeat procedures
  • 18% lower complication rates
  • 25% lower per-episode costs

Tier 1 physicians work in a wide range of specialties, like family practice, internal medicine, pediatrics, cardiology, orthopedics and more. When you’re selecting a new physician, look for the Tier 1 symbol.

To find Tier 1 physicians, go to They’ll show up at the top of your search list—just look for the Tier 1 symbol. tier 1 Or, call UHC at 1.844.234.7924.

2. Go to a Freestanding Facility

A freestanding facility is an outpatient center or independent laboratory that is not part of a hospital. They are held to the same high standards as hospital-based facilities, but they don’t have the same overhead costs, so you generally pay less. For example, an MRI at a hospital can cost up to $2,655, while an MRI at a freestanding clinic is just $4182.

When your physician recommends a test, look for the freestanding facility green arrow symbol.

You can find freestanding facilities on Look for the freestanding facility symbol. green arrow

When you choose Tier 1 physicians and freestanding facilities, your health plan pays a higher portion of your medical costs—85% after the deductible instead of 80%. Remember, not all care is equal. Choose quality and efficiency.

1 2016 UnitedHealthcare Network (Par) Commercial Claims analysis for 16 specialties and 163 markets. Rates are based on historical information and are not a guarantee of future outcomes.

2 These numbers are for illustrative purposes only and can vary by geographic region.