Mental Health Matters

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’re encouraging you to put your emotional health first. Take a minute to check in on how you’re feeling. If you could use support to feel better, take advantage of these seven emotional health resources to get right side up.

  1. Count on the EAP.
    When something‘s on your mind or you’re not feeling like yourself, the Carelon Employee Assistance Program (EAP) has you covered. EAP Talkspace offers convenient online therapy through text, audio and video sessions. You have access to a licensed provider anytime, anywhere via web, iOS or Android app. You and members of your household can use the EAP 24/7 (with code: automation) to help you:
    • Reduce stress at work
    • Help your child(ren) build resilience at school
    • Teach you ways to improve your mental health by being outdoors
    • Create a relaxing home environment to improve your overall well-being
    • And more
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  2. Try Virtual Visits.
    It’s normal to feel worried or sad sometimes. But if these feelings start to interfere with your everyday life, there may be something more going on. If you’re enrolled in a UnitedHealthcare medical plan, you have access to a wide range of treatments and therapies, including Virtual Behavioral Health Care, Virtual Primary Care, and 24/7 Virtual Visits. Follow the link to learn which virtual care options can help you in times of need.
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  3. Find the Best Therapist for You.
    We want to help you find the right support for your mental health. If you’re enrolled in the High-Performance medical plan with Centivo, use Mind and Match to speak to a licensed psychologist in less than 10 minutes. You’ll be immediately connected with a curated list of therapists to meet your exact needs.
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  4. Get a Second Opinion with Teladoc Medical Experts.
    Already have an emotional health diagnosis or treatment plan but want a second opinion? Teladoc Medical Experts is a great employee health benefit that’s free and confidential for you and your family. A leading specialist will review your records, consult with you by phone, and provide information and options to help you and your doctor make informed decisions.
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  5. Prioritize Oral Health.
    Stress, depression and anxiety can impact your physical well-being in the form of oral health issues, including canker sores, dry mouth and gingivitis. To mitigate mental health’s impact on oral health, make sure you maintain regular dental checkups, brush twice a day and floss daily. If you’re enrolled in the Delta Dental plan, visit to learn more.
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  6. Cultivate Your Calm with the Free Mobile App.
    Get free access to Calm, a mobile app designed for meditation and sleep assistance. Enjoy guided meditation sessions, sleep aids and relaxation techniques. Register with your work email address through a web or mobile browser.
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  7. Find Your Work/Life Balance with Paid Time Off.
    We value you and your life outside of work. We offer paid vacation and floating holidays to help you relax, recover and take time for the things that matter most.
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