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Vision Plan

If you enroll in the Vision Plan—administered by UnitedHealthcare—the Plan pays toward your vision expenses. UHC’s vision network is called the Spectera Network. Ask your provider if they are in the Spectera Network.

Vision Network

Learn more about your vision network here.

Vision Premiums

Here are the 2022 annual rates for vision coverage.

You Only: $53.76

You + Spouse/Domestic Partner: $99.48

You + Child(ren): $124.32

You + Family: $174.00

These annual amounts will be taken out of your paycheck pre-tax throughout the year. 

 Vision Plan In NetworkVision Plan Out of Network
Eye Exam: once every 12 months

After your $20 copay: 100%

Up to $40

Frames: once every 24 months

100% up to $130. You get 30% off costs above $130

Up to $45

Lenses: once every 12 months

For single, lined bifocal, lined trifocal and lenticular lenses:

After your $20 copay for lenses: 100%

Includes scratch-resistant coating and
20% to 60% off non-covered lens options

Single: Up to $40

Lined bifocal: Up to $60

Lined trifocal: Up to $80

Lenticular: Up to $80

Contacts: once every 12 months

For covered selection contacts, non-selection contacts and necessary contacts:

After your $20 copay for contacts: 100% up to $130 (up to 4 boxes)

Covered selection contacts: Up to $130

Non-selection contacts: Up to $130

Necessary contacts: Up to $210

Laser Vision Discount

You get 15% off standard prices or 5% off promotional prices when using providers in Laser Vision Network of America.

You get 15% off standard prices or 5% off promotional prices when using providers in Laser Vision Network of America.

Children’s and Maternity Vision Benefits

Both children and expectant mothers can experience vision changes more frequently than others. For this reason, Rockwell Automation provides additional benefits to children who are 13 and under and mothers to be. Both receive at no additional cost:

  • Coverage for a second eye exam
  • Coverage for one new pair of glasses (frames and lenses) if vision changes .5 diopter or greater in a plan year*
  • Plus, you can receive online education about children’s eye health.

* Standard copays apply.

Vision Provider Nomination and 30 Mile Policy

The Rockwell Automation Vision Plan network is extensive, but in the event that you do not have a network vision provider nearby, UnitedHealthcare still has you covered with the 30 Mile Policy and provider nominations.

The UHC Vision 30 Mile Policy allows you to pay in-network rates at an out-of-network provider for a routine eye exam or for glasses or contact lenses, if there is no in-network provider within 30 miles of your home.

With the Provider Nomination form, you can recommend a local eye care provider to be added to the UHC network.

Spectera Vision Providers

To find providers in the Spectera Network, go to the UHC website or call 1.844.234.7924.