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Rockwell Automation Pension Plan Vesting

Vesting refers to your right to receive a pension benefit from the Rockwell Automation Pension Plan, even if you leave the company before retirement. You are vested in the Plan when you:

  • Have completed five years of vesting service under the Plan, or
  • Reach normal retirement age (age 65) while working for the Company.

Rockwell Automation Pension Plan Vesting Service

This is used to define your ownership of your pension benefit. Vesting service is calculated beginning with the month in which you are first employed at Rockwell Automation and ending with the month in which your termination date occurs. It is calculated in years and fractions of years (one month equals one-twelfth of a year). For example, if you started working at the Company on May 1, 2008, you would be vested in the Plan on April 2, 2013, if you had continued to work for the Company during those five years.