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Vacation Benefits

At Rockwell Automation, we offer you additional benefits to help you balance your life.

If you have an alternative work schedule and more than eight hours is required to take a day off, this will reduce your number of vacation days allowed. Any unused vacation or floating holidays are forfeited after Dec. 31 of each year. There is no carryover from one year to the next or pay in lieu of unused days.

Vacation and floating holidays may be taken in hourly increments. Your supervisor or manager, who is responsible for ensuring smooth workflow in your department, has the right to deny your vacation or floating holiday request.

How Vacation Days Are Determined

The number of paid vacation days you have depends on how long you have worked for the company. New employees typically complete three months of service before being eligible to use their vacation days. If you are a part-time employee, your vacation days will be prorated. You must be scheduled to work at least 20 hours per week to be eligible for vacation.

Number of Vacation Days for New Employees

Ten hours per month of service, up to 15 days.

Number of Vacation Days for Current Employees

One year, but less than 5 years: 15 days
5 years, but less than 15 years: 20 days
15 years or greater: 25 days

Additional Vacation Days

For employees who have five years of service or more, in the calendar year that you gain an additional five days of vacation, you may use those additional days any time during the year.