Results for Retirement Planning

Create your retirement budget

Some expenses will likely go down after you retire, such as clothing or restaurant meals. Others might increase, such as hobbies, travel and health care expenses. That’s why it’s important to have a budget so that you’ll know if your retirement income sources will be enough to cover your anticipated expenses. There are a number of helpful budget planning resources online. These resources can help you identify the types of anticipated expenses that should be included, such as retiree health care coverage costs. You can find these resources online using your preferred search engine and searching these terms: “retirement,” “planning” and “budget”.

Seek Financial Advice for Retirement

You have some important choices to make before you retire. Trusted investment advisors, tax specialists or attorneys can help you make decisions that are best for you and your financial situation. To give your financial advisors a better idea of the retirement benefits you get from Rockwell Automation, it’s a good idea to share your important benefits-related documents with them, such as:

  • The Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) for your retirement benefits (Pension Plan, Retirement Savings Plan and Retiree Medical)
  • Your most recent benefits statements (Pension Plan benefit estimate from Your BenefitsTM or the RASC and Retirement Savings Plan account statements from Fidelity)
  • Your beneficiary designations (from Your BenefitsTM and Fidelity)

You can download copies of your SPDs and Your Guide to a Hassle-Free Retirement by going to Your BenefitsTM, or you can request copies be sent to you by calling the RASC.

Turn to Edelman Financial Engines for Advice

Through Rockwell Automation, you have access to retirement help from Edelman Financial Engines. Their Investment Advisor Representatives can help you understand how to start spending from your Social Security, pension and 401(k) benefits. Their Online Advice and Professional Management services may also be useful:

Online Advice: You have unlimited access to powerful retirement tools available to you at no additional cost through the Edelman Financial Engines link on NetBenefits® website.

Professional Management: For a fee, experts can create and implement a retirement planning strategy that includes your 401(k) plan and considers any other retirement sources you tell them about.

Call Fidelity and ask to be connected to an Edelman Financial Engines Investment Advisor Representative. Or, visit NetBenefits and click the Edelman Financial Engines link.