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The Plan Pays: Preventive Care

100% no deductible

60% after deductible

100% no deductible

60% after deductible

Women's Preventive Care Coverage

Women’s preventive health services are 100% covered and not subject to a deductible or coinsurance. For more information, review the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for your medical plan on EmployeeConnect.

Flu Shots

The single best way to prevent the flu is to get a flu vaccination each fall. Rockwell Automation makes it easy by offering free flu shots at the onsite screenings.

Can’t make an onsite screening? Flu shots are 100% covered by the Rockwell Automation medical plans. If you’re enrolled in a Rockwell Automation medical option, you and your family can also get free flu shots from your primary care provider, a CVS or another network pharmacy. All these options cover flu shots at 100% with no deductible, whether you go in or out of network.

Here’s how to get yours:

If you see a network provider…

  • Show your medical ID card and you will not be charged for the flu shot.

If you see an out-of-network provider…

  • You will need to pay for the flu shot up front and then file a claim for reimbursement.
  • To file your claim, download a medical expense claim form from your medical plan administrator’s website. Submit the completed form and your itemized receipt to the address on your medical ID card.
  • Then, your plan administrator will mail you a check for the amount you paid.

Examples of Preventive Care

Covered preventive care includes routine exams, such as annual physicals, well-baby and well-child care, flu shots, most immunizations and more. Contact your medical provider for more information about what services are considered preventive care.

Reasonable and Customary Charges

Up to reasonable and customary (R&C) charges for out of network care. You are responsible for any cost difference if the dental expenses are more than MetLife’s allowed R&C charges.