Results for Health Management Program

Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ) Details

To find the HRQ, go to and click CREATE ACCOUNT or use single sign-on from Your Benefits. Then, enter your Employee ID, create a username and password, and accept the agreement terms to set up your account. Once you’re logged in, click MY INCENTIVES at the top to get started with the HRQ.

YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS short health survey before you can earn incentives for your Take Action activities. Complete it right away, so you can start earning rewards.

Health Management Program Overview


The online HRQ gives you an overall picture of your health and how your lifestyle habits now may affect your future health. The HRQ is the gateway activity you must complete to earn incentives and avoid a $100 premium penalty. Complete the HRQ when you log in to the portal.


You can earn up to $500 in incentives, which will be applied as a discount to your 2023 Rockwell Automation medical premiums.

Take Action Activities

You can earn up to $500 through Take Action activities alone or by combining them with the Health Screening incentives. So, if you don’t achieve all of the Health Screening healthy targets, you can do more Take Action activities to earn the total $500 incentive. Complete activities, such as Real Appeal, 10K-A-Day and coaching programs. Find details about your options and sign up at

Health Screening

The Health Screening measures four healthy targets—blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose and body mass index (BMI)—that can help identify health risks early and track improvement year over year. Complete the screening to earn up to $200 ($50 for every healthy target you meet) off your 2023 medical premiums. Find a list of healthy targets at Watch for more information about onsite Health Screenings potentially being held this fall.


You must complete the HRQ, Take Action activities and the Health Screening between Jan. 1, 2022, with a deadline of Dec. 31, 2022.


Call WebMD at 1.800.721.2696, Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Time.