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CVS Caremark

If you have questions about your prescription drug coverage, call 1.866.768.4254 or visit the CVS Caremark website.

Direct Generics

Generic medications that are the same chemical entity as their patent-expired brand name counterparts.

Indirect generics

Generic medications that treat the same conditions as other brand name medications but are a different chemical entity.

Maintenance Drugs

Drugs that you take on an ongoing basis to treat chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure or cholesterol.

Non-Preferred Brand Name (or Non-Formulary) Drugs

Drugs that tend to be expensive and usually have a more cost-effective generic or preferred brand name alternative.

Preferred Brand Name (or Formulary) Drugs

Drugs that have been determined to provide effective treatment when used as intended, and typically cost less than non-preferred brand name drugs.

Value-based Drugs

Medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes that Rockwell Automation has identified for a special pricing schedule, which cost 50% less compared to non-value-based drugs.