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Vision Plan

If you enroll in the Vision Plan—administered by UnitedHealthcare—the Plan pays toward your vision expenses. UHC’s vision network is called the Spectera Network. Ask your provider if they are in the Spectera Network.

 Vision Plan In NetworkVision Plan Out of Network
Frames: once every 24 months

100% up to $130. You get 30% off costs above $130

Up to $45

Spectera Vision Providers

To find providers in the Spectera Network, go to the UHC website or call 1.844.234.7924.

Where to Get Vision Discounts with MetLife

Discounts are only available through private practice providers participating in the MetLife VisionAccess network.

 MetLife VisionAccess Discount program
Eyeglass frames

25% discount

A Note About Vision Fees: Discounts are based on the usual and customary fee. Discounts are subject to change.

Paying for Vision Expenses

You can use your HSA or FSA funds to cover out-of-pocket vision expenses!