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401(k) Plan Eligibility

The Rockwell Automation Retirement Savings Plan—the 401(k) Plan—is available to all employees, including those who are scheduled to work less than 20 hours per week. After 30 days of employment, you are automatically enrolled at a 3% pre-tax contribution rate (unless you make an election).

When You Can Contribute

As of your hire date, you are immediately eligible to make pre-tax, Roth 401(k) after-tax or regular after-tax contributions. About a week or so after your start date, your information will be set up in the Fidelity system.


If you don’t make any elections, you will automatically be enrolled at a 3% pre-tax contribution rate after you’ve worked at Rockwell Automation for 30 days. Your contributions will be invested in a default target fund, based on your birth date and target retirement date.

You’ll receive more information and an auto-enrollment notification letter from Fidelity approximately two weeks after your hire date. If you’d like to opt out of automatic contributions, you must change your contribution rate to 0% by the date noted on the notification letter. Contributions made to the Retirement Savings Plan cannot be refunded to you.