Results for Retiree Medical

Know Your Cost for Coverage

Your cost for coverage is based on your years of service at retirement and each person you choose to cover. Additional costs will apply if you choose to cover eligible children.

For information regarding your retiree medical cost for coverage, download the Termination Benefits Summary. Contact the RASC for additional rate information.

Paying for Coverage

You can choose to pay your monthly cost for coverage by:

  • Automatic after-tax deduction from your monthly pension check if you elect to begin your benefit right after you retire and the check amount is sufficient to cover the cost of your medical coverage (this option is not available if you choose to have your pension benefit paid to you in a single lump-sum cash payment).
  • Automatic funds transfer from a checking or savings account
  • Check or money order that you need to mail to the Rockwell Automation Service Center each month. You will get a bill in the mail if you choose this option.

NOTE: If you have an existing HSA balance, it may be used for eligible health expenses even after you stop contributing. For example, you may use the money in your HSA to pay your share of the cost for retiree medical coverage and out-of-pocket medical expenses. For a complete list of HSA-eligible expenses, request a copy of the IRS Publication 502 by calling 1.800.829.3676 or by visiting the IRS website and clicking on “Forms and Instructions.”

Retiree Medical Age and Service Points

One “point” is given for each year of your age and each year you’ve worked at Rockwell Automation. (You receive one twelfth of a point for each full month of your age and each month in which you work at least one day at Rockwell Automation.)

For example, if you’re 56 years old and you’ve worked at Rockwell Automation for 22 years, you have 78 service points (56 + 22 = 78). This means you’re eligible for retiree medical coverage from Rockwell Automation.

One-Time Opportunity for Company Contributions

If you retire before you or your spouse turns age 65:

If your most recent hire or rehire date is Dec. 31, 2004 or earlier, you must enroll in Rockwell Automation pre-65 retiree medical coverage at the time you retire in order to receive the Company subsidy. If you defer or drop coverage at any time, you can re-enroll in a medical plan, but the cost will not be subsidized by the Company.