Results for Retirement Planning

What Happens to the Benefits You Have Today

Before you retire, you’ll want to take note of what happens to the benefits you have today. Some of these benefits will end on your last day worked at Rockwell Automation. Others will end on the last day of the month in which you retire (which could be your last day worked if you retire at the end of a month). With many of your benefits, you have the option to continue coverage after you retire.

To find out what happens to all the benefits you have as an active employee when you retire, download the Termination Benefits Summary. The Termination Benefits Summary gives you details about what happens to each benefit, coverage continuation options and any next steps you would need to take.

These Benefits Will End on the Last Day You Work

Pension Plan

Your pension benefit will be calculated using your service information on your last day worked and your pay information that’s finalized 60 days after your last day worked. Learn about applying for your pension benefit.

Retirement Savings Plan (401(k) Plan)

Contributions to your account generally stop with your last paycheck. Learn more about what you can do with your vested account balance after you retire.

Short- and Long-Term Disability

Your coverage automatically ends and it cannot be continued.

Vacation Days

Any unused vacation days you have earned will be paid to you with your final paycheck as a lump sum. Typically, you receive your final paycheck within two weeks after you retire.

Last Day Worked

Your last day worked is considered your retirement date for benefit purposes.

Your last day worked is the earliest of the date:

  • You retire, die or terminate your employment with the Company (whether voluntary or not); or,
  • That is the first anniversary of the date you remain absent from employment with the Company (with or without pay) for any reason other than those listed in the first bullet. This includes leaves of absence, layoff, sickness or disability. However, if you are on a leave of absence that extends for more than 12 months, your last day of work will be extended to the last date of your approved leave of absence when calculating your vesting service.

Retirement Summary Plan Descriptions

The following Summary Plan Descriptions have details about what happens to your coverage when your employment with Rockwell Automation ends and are available on Your BenefitsTM or by calling the RASC:

  • Rockwell Automation Pension Plan
  • Rockwell Automation Savings Plan (the 401(k) Plan)
  • Delta Dental
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Life and AD&D Insurance
  • STD and LTD