Requesting a Pension Benefit Commencement Kit

What to Do Before You Elect Your Pension Benefit

Inform the RASC of your expected last day worked and when you want to start your pension benefits (either immediately after you leave the company or postponed until a later date). If your pension payment start date is within 90 days of when you contact the RASC, you may request a Pension Benefit Commencement Kit. If it’s more than 90 days away you can receive an estimate of your benefit, and you’ll need to follow up with the RASC when you’re within 90 days (but at least 60 days) of your payment start date to request that a Pension Benefit Commencement Kit be sent to you.

When to Do It

  • If you’re ready to start your pension benefit, you need to request the Pension Benefit Commencement Kit 60 – 90 days before your last day worked.
  • If you’re not ready to elect your pension benefit, you don’t have to do anything until you are ready to start the process.

How to Do It

You can either:

  • Go online to Your Benefits™, or
  • Call the RASC and say “pension” or “retirement” when prompted.

What to Expect Next

If your pension payment start date is within 60–90 days, you will receive a personalized information packet—called your Pension Benefit Commencement Kit. You can request that the RASC mail the kit to your home address. Your kit will arrive in about two weeks.

Your kit will include these pieces:
  • Instructions on what to do
  • Pension Elections Worksheet for you to reference as you make decisions regarding your pension benefit
  • Pension Calculation Statement showing the personal information that was used to calculate your pension benefit and the amount of your benefit under each payment option that is available to you
  • Pension Option Descriptions summarizing the payment options
  • Notice of Rights outlining the legal information we are required to provide to you before you make your pension choices
  • Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments outlining the tax consequences of receiving your benefit