Key Dates for Navigating the Process

Here is a quick look at the four dates you need to keep in mind as you get the process going to receive your retirement benefits. For more personalized date information, use the Retirement Process Timeline.

3 Months Before You Retire

Start the Process

  • Know your benefits user IDs and passwords before you start the process
  • Inform the RASC of your retirement date and when you want your pension benefit to begin
  • Apply for Medicare (if you will be age 65 or older the day you retire)
  • Review the retiree medical options, if eligible

2 Months Before You Retire

Inform People of Your Decisions

  • Notify the RASC of your pension payment decision
  • Tell your manager that you are planning to retire

1 Month Before You Retire

Continue to Wrap Things Up

  • Review the retiree medical enrollment information that you will automatically receive from the RASC (provided you notified them earlier of your retirement date)
  • Contact your HR business partner two weeks before your retirement date to schedule your exit interview

10th of Your Retirement Month

Submit Your Pension Election Authorization Form by the Deadline

  • Return your form to the RASC by the 10th of your retirement month so that your pension benefit starts as soon as possible following your retirement