Calm Mindfulness and Meditation App

At Rockwell, we view well-being from a holistic perspective that balances your physical and financial health with your emotional health. That’s why we’ve partnered with the world’s #1 mobile app for mindfulness, Calm. As a benefits-eligible Rockwell Automation employee, you get a free premium membership to Calm when you register online.

Calm offers content to help with mental well-being, including meditation, sleep and mindful body movements and stretches. From sleep stories that transport you to the Australian coast to the sound of gentle raindrops falling on trees, there are a variety of scenes and sounds you can access to manage stress and anxiety, stay focused, experience more restful sleep and build resilience.

To learn more about Calm and how it can enhance your life, you can attend a free, live webinar with Calm experts who will walk you through everything it has to offer. Register here.