What to know before you enroll

Annual Enrollment for 2024 benefits is Oct. 21 through Nov. 12. Unless you experience a major life event, such as the birth of a child, adoption, marriage or divorce, this is your only chance to choose your 2024 benefits and covered dependents. Prepare now so you can make the most of this once-a-year enrollment period.

Consider Your Health Needs
Take a minute and reflect on your health needs for the next year. If you expect to visit the doctor often or need prescriptions, you may want to consider a different medical plan than if you only plan to visit the doctor for routine, preventive care. Compare your health needs with your Rockwell Automation coverage options and your spouse/domestic partner’s health plan options through their place of work. Visit raquickfind.com/medical to learn more.

Search for In-Network Providers
Before you enroll in a Rockwell medical plan option, make sure your preferred providers are in-network. Staying in network saves you money and ensures your preventive care is 100% covered. All Rockwell Automation employees can choose from the Broad Access Health Savings Account (HSA) option and the Broad Access Plan option administered by UnitedHealthcare (UHC). To search for UHC network providers, log in to myuhc.com.

If you’re an eligible employee living in Eastern Wisconsin, you have a third medical plan option with the High-Performance Plan administered by Centivo. With this option, you coordinate your care through a primary care provider (PCP) through the Centivo network. To search for primary care providers in the Centivo network, visit ra.centivo.com.

Decide Who You’ll CoverAnd Make Sure They’re Eligible
You can cover your eligible spouse/domestic partner and/or children under your Rockwell Automation benefits. This is a good thing to know ahead of enrollment because costs of the plans will vary depending on how many dependents you enroll.

For 2024, Rockwell Automation will be conducting an audit of covered dependents. Make sure your enrolled dependents meet the eligibility requirements before you enroll them for 2024 benefits. Go to raquickfind.com/keyword/eligibility to learn more about coverage eligibility requirements.

Protect Your Income
Enrollment is more than health care benefits. Other benefits like disability and life insurance can help you and your family if the unexpected happens. Get to know your Short-Term Disability (STD) and Long-Term Disability (LTD) coverage options. If something were to happen to you, Supplemental Life insurance protects your loved ones with a financial safety net.

Enroll by Nov. 12
If you don’t enroll during Annual Enrollment, you’ll automatically be enrolled in the same plans you have today (except FSA). Per IRS guidelines, you must re-elect FSAs each year. If you continue participation in the HSA medical plan option, your HSA contribution will default to your 2023 election.

Visit Your Benefits for more information about your Rockwell Automation benefits and easy-to-use modeling tools to help you make smart benefits decisions for next year.